Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker
Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker

Wristbuds™ | Earbuds Fitness Tracker

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Wireless earbuds are truly a great innovation but it could be a daunting task to own a pair of them as you always have to carry a charging case or deal with limited battery life.

Combining the earbuds, charging case and fitness tracker into one wearable design, this innovative smart device brings you Ultimate Convenience and Astonishing Sound. Now, you can ditch your regular earbuds and keep a track of your fitness as well with WristBuds™.

Featuring on-wrist charging technology, the wireless earbuds are one of its kinds that are seamlessly stored and charged inside a fitness band and lets you track your health vitals while experiencing absolute clarity in music with Hifi sound quality. With ergonomic design, multiple sport modes to choose from and scientific analysis to improve the exercise and workout regimen, WristBuds™ is an ideal pick for fitness enthusiasts.

WristBuds™ is highly compatible with both iOS and Android devices and features a LED touchscreen on the fitness band for instant access to all fitness data and notifications on-wrist, including incoming calls and texts.  Moreover, all the fitness information, like your blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, steps walked, etc can be easily tracked on your smartphone.

Just pop them out from the band, connect them with your device via Bluetooth and experience the future of wearable audio.


  • Unique Design; No Charging Case Needed: Featuring state of the art technology, WristBuds™ merges the wireless earphones and the fitness band together in a sleek innovative design. It comes with two wireless earbuds that can be stored beneath the screen of a fitness band for charging, freeing you from the inconvenience of charging cases, easy-to-lose buds, digging around in your backpack/ purse, etc to find the pair of earbuds. 

  • The True Wireless Stereo: With exceptional sound quality and Bluetooth range of up to 10m, the earbuds are extremely easy to pair with almost any Bluetooth enabled devices and provides accurate delivery of the acoustic essence of any music genre, making it the perfect choice for audiophiles. Apart from the impressive sound experience, what makes our earbuds truly extraordinary is that it features Mono Mode, allowing fast and easy hands-free phone calls with one or both earbuds.

  • User-Friendly Interface: WristBuds™ features a wide color touchscreen, Motion-activated backlit display that automatically turns on/off and an intuitive interface for easy operation. The versatile wireless device can be easily synced with both iOS and Android smartphones within minutes. Simply download the APP to keep a track of your records for easy accessibility.
  • Precise Sensors; Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist: Equipped with high-end sensors, WristBuds™ accurately reads your Heart rate and Blood Pressure and transmits the information to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It also automatically counts your steps, calories burned and monitors the heart rate and sleep pattern, making it one of its kind.
  • A Battery That Keeps Going: The fitness band comes with a long-lasting battery life that can last up to 7-15 days on standby in a single charge. Whereas, the wireless earbuds offer up to 6 hours of playtime until you need to juice it up again. WristBuds™  also comes with its proprietary Magnetic charger, making it a perfect choice for people with a busy lifestyle.
  • Premium Quality: Featuring a sleek and comfortable design, WristBuds™ is scratch-proof, water-resistant as it is made with high-grade TPU, Silicone, ABS and Zinc Alloy materials, ensuring a durable structure. Also, the screen is intelligently designed with a curved glass making the device completely shockproof.


  • Text Notification, Call Notifications, App Notifications
  • Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Sleep Cycle Monitor
  • Hydration Reminder, Personal Reminders, Sedentary Reminder
  • Activity Tracker, Step Tracker, Distance Tracker, Calorie Tracker
  • Remote Camera, GPS
  • Earbuds Compartment, TWS Stereo Headphones
  • Pop-up Screen, Custom Clock Faces, Multiple Alarm
  • Magnetic Charging
  • WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS
  • Scratch-proof, Shock-proof, Water-proof


  • Material: TPU, Silicone, ABS, Zinc Alloy
  • Display Size0.96TFT
  • Noise-Isolation: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Connector: Magnetic
  • Communication: Wireless
  • Standby Time: 7 - 15 Days
  • Working Time: 3 - 4 Days
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Dimensions: 25* 2.2*1.2 cm


  • 1*  Wristbuds™
  • 1*  Magnetic Charger
  • 1*  User Manual

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