Electrind™ Power Grinder
Electrind™ Power Grinder
Electrind™ Power Grinder
Electrind™ Power Grinder
Electrind™ Power Grinder
Electrind™ Power Grinder

Electrind™ Power Grinder

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Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly ground herbs! If you are any kind of cannabis consumer, you know you a grinder is a must-have for a fine grind, no matter how you prefer to consume it.

But aren’t you just tired of spending hours grinding your stuff using manual grinders or by hand?  Well, it is time to say goodbye to your regular grinder and enjoy a fine crush with a push of a button!

Electrind™ Herb Grinder, grinds your herb to an even consistency for vaping, rolling, smoking, or cooking in seconds. Equipped with a built-in container,  you can grind, store, and dispense without leaving any mess behind.

Innovatively designed with the herb connoisseur in mind, this battery-powered grinder features latest grinding tech and stainless steel teeth that shred your herb to the perfect size without any hassle.


  • Faster, Easier Grinding: With a manual grinder, trying to get your herb to a fine consistency is a daunting process and takes a long time. But not anymore! This premium electric grinder is 20 X faster than the manual hand grinders, giving you a heap of the herb in seconds. 
  • Perfect Grind every time: Electrind™ is equipped with razor-sharp stainless steel teeth and a powerful motor to give you the perfect grind and texture – with minimum effort – all at the push of a button! No more wasting money on devices that don’t work!
  • Multi-Function: Grinds, Stores, and Dispenses: You no longer need to carry multiple tools as Electrind™ is intelligently designed for your comfort and convenience. Featuring a flashlight design, this electric grinder not only grinds both dry and wet herb, but you can also store it and dispense it on demand too! Just keep your herb in it until you need it, then remove the cap and dispense your bud into a joint, into your bowl, or into your vape chamber, effortlessly.

  • Battery Operated; The future Of Grinding: Uniquely constructed for premium results and maximum satisfaction with minimum waste Electrind™ is the first of its kind as it is completely discrete, portable, battery operated and easily fits into your pockets. No more worrying about charging or finding a power socket. Just insert batteries, fill in your favorite herb and get going.  Step into the future with the ultimate herb grinding accessory.
  • Save your energy: The electric grinder is extremely lightweight and easy to use. No more twisting or wrestling with your stiff manual grinders. With great design-function compatibility, Electrind™ lets you enjoy the perfect grind without the effort!

  • Premium Quality Material: Unlike other electric and manual grinder on the market, this grinder is made of high-grade materials and built to last for years to come. It is corrosion resistant., rustproof and also features brushed aluminum finish, making it one of its kind.
  • Material: Aluminium Body + Stainless Steel Blades + ABS Container
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries ( Not Included)


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