Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus
Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus
Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus
Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus
Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus
Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus

Magnetip™ Pen and Stylus

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A Pen Made Entirely Of Magnets

With Magnetip™ in your pocket, you can now turn your pen into a levitating fidget spinner or any of the hundreds of possible builds!

Innovatively constructed from high power neodymium (rare earth) magnets,  Magnetip™ is a unique writing instrument held together Entirely with magnets, making it perfect for people who like tinkering with things or are fascinated with the power of magnets.

Featuring 13 Rare-Earth Magnets that form a tube around the ink cartridge, you can easily construct or dismantle the pen in a snap. The long-lasting magnets provide hours of entertainment for your fidgeting fingers and are proven to be both fun and functional. Try rearranging the magnets to create a compass, fidget spinner or a whole new variety of creative free combinations.

Magnetip™ also comes with a Stylus head, allowing you to use it with any capacitive touch screen, offering a seamless experience like never before. Available in 3 variants, it is suitable for kids and adults alike and provides hours of fun while enhancing creativity and cognitive skills, making it great for brainstorming, reducing anxiety, and relieving stress.


  • Create your own Pen: Magnetip™ is specially designed for people who love magnets and  DIY sets. Simply assemble the magnets around the ink cartridge and voila, you are ready to go! Instead of friction or glue, the pen keeps itself together using the power of magnetism, making it one of the most fascinating pens on the market.

  • Unleash your Creativity: The magnetic pen is both fun and function. With 13pcs magnetic rings and 12pcs balls, you can create endless models. Try rearranging and chaining up the balls and magnets in different ways to create something unique of your own. 

  • One Pen For All your Work: Magnetip™ is the most versatile pen you could even own! Its Nickel-Coated magnets are strong enough to stay together for a lifetime whereas the pen also boasts of innovative design and features a stylus head, allowing you to work smoothly on both paper and electronic devices without causing or incurring any damage. And if you run out of ink, just pick up any compatible 0.5 mm Ballpoint refill and you are good to go.


  • Number of Magnetic Rings: 13
  • Number of Steel Balls: 12
  • Ballpoint: 0.5mm

Package Includes:

  • 1* Magnetip™ Pen Set



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