Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring
Jakcom R3 Smart Ring

Jakcom R3 Smart Ring

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The ultimate NFC based smart ring!

Wrap technology around your finger and make your world more seamless. Introducing the Jakcom R3, a Smart NFC Ring for those who believe that the future is wireless. This NFC Ring can be used to make payments*, access control, unlock & control mobile devices, transfer information, link people and much more.

Equipped with three independent NFC tags, Jakcom R3 can perform various tasks with just a tap on your phone's back!  No more toggling phone menus, just one tap, and your favorite app will show up. The uses are endless whether opening an NFC door without your ID card or sharing your Instagram username, just one ring to rule them all.

Moreover, the NFC ring doesn't require charging. So, you never have to worry about juicing it up. Jakcom R3 is the ideal combination of fashion and technology which further increases your smartphone's capabilities, security & convenience. 


Three Independent NFC Modules

Three modules namely ID tag, M1 tag and NFC tag to choose from. The ID tag allows you to copy ID cards of various types. The M1 tag allows you to save and share data and the NFC tag allows you to program your smart ring using the NFC feature.  

Made from Liquid Tungsten

 Made with Amorphous Liquid Tungsten and Hypoallergenic Hardened Advanced Ceramic, it is very durable and sturdy. This smart ring looks very stylish and chic because of its slim design. The inner layer holds the chips while the outer ceramic layer gives it a smooth and sophisticated look.

Rugged and Waterproof

Built with all oys and heavy-duty ceramic, it is dustproof, waterproof and fall-proof. It can withstand accidental falls or drops and works even after immersing in water for long hours.

User-Friendly App

Jakcom R3 and its functions can be customized with its app, available in Apple's App Store, the Android Playstore and Windows store too. The application provides a friendly interface and occupies negligible space in your smartphone.


  • Unlock/lock your phone
  • Lock or Hide apps
  • Share Business Cards 
  • Open links
  • Share data 
  • Quick start any app
  • Works as ID Card
  • Browse any Website
  • Quick view Images
  • Write and share Texts 


[make sure that the inner perimeter is an mm larger than the perimeter of your finger]

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