PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio
PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio
PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio
PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio
PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio
PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio

PIXISPOT™ Mini Lightbox Studio

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Taking good catalog-style product photos is more difficult in practice than it might seem. To curb this problem, Pixispot™ has been brought to you.

Pixispot™ lightbox is an enclosed box-like structure with a white or colored background. It is equipped with bright LED lights set up at the top that controls the background and lighting, helping you to get accurate colors, shadow-free shots indoors.

Even if you are to click the pictures with your smartphone, Pixispot™ lightbox will enhance the quality of the image altogether.

The softbox is ergonomically designed with magnets attached on each corner so that they firmly stick on one another to make the structure sturdy. Once it is set up, the box expands, giving you enough space to take photos of relatively large items as well. 

You will also have the liberty to change the background color according to your shoot requirements and need. The kit thus includes black and white background sheets to ensure that the unique features of the product are highlighted and develop sharp, clear images. 

Pixispot™ will serve you well if you are an online seller, artist or a shutterbug looking for smashing and crisp product photos.


Dim Lighting? Here's the Solution: If you are a photographer, perhaps you’ll understand the importance of proper lighting better than anybody else. Pixispot™ has proved to be one of the most economical photography tools as they add high-power studio lights that help in producing vibrant images. So if you are someone who is constantly looking for places with proper illumination then this kit is a game changer for you. Even from different angles, you will get bright and reflection-free photos.

Suitable for Beginners and Professionals alike:Pixispot™ lightbox kit is bound to give a studio-like finish to your photos. Even if you have just started working in the photography world or have been here long enough to witness this invention, Pixispot™ will surely help you out in capturing high definition images of small products.

Carry it anywhere, anytime: Thanks to its compact design, you can bring Pixispot™ lightbox with you wherever you go. Once you are done shooting, simply disassemble the box and fold it up in a neat manner inside a carriable bag. This, hence, gives you the flexibility of shooting your photos from anywhere, at home or studio.

Easy Operation:  Pixispot™ is as handy as it comes. It is not only easy to assemble/disassemble but the LED lights can be powered without you having to look for a power outlet everywhere. Simply use the USB cable provided in the kit to connect the LED lights to any USB port such as laptop or power bank and it will illuminate the entire box instantly. 


Power supply: 5 V 1 A

Material: acrylic + ABS plastic

Color: as shown

Box size: 24.5 x 23.8 x 22.3 cm / 9.6 "x 9.3" x 8.7 "

Backdrop size: 48x21 cm / 18.9 "* 8.3"



There may be a slight difference of 1-3cm due to manual measurement and a small color variation for different adjustment screens

Thanks and good day!

Package includes:

1 x LED photo box

1 x white background

1 x black background

1 x USB Cable

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