World's Thinnest Reading lamp is a Fucking Bookmark!

If it’s as thin as a bookmark, slimmer than a dollar coin and dexterous enough to fold, can it be a Reading Light? Yes, it can! The Book-lite™ is made from reinforced plastic film, which means it can bend and flex without getting any creases or snapping. And this is important because when you bend it into position, this bookmark functions as a reading light. Fitted with a low blue-light LED, that minimizes the quantity of High Bio wavelength emitted by artificial light and digital devices, the lamp is bright enough to help you read your book, even in pitch darkness.

What I like about the device is that it is highly portable. It fits into your wallet if required. Powered by a single lithium coin battery, you can expect to get eight-straight hours of reading, at one go. Only when you position the bookmark into the shape of the lamp, does the circuitry complete. Hence, there is no fear of accidental lighting-up at all. Very clever!

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Paper Thin

Now you can turn any corner into a reading nook as  Book-lite™ easily fits into your wallet, book, or even your pockets with just a mere 0.079mm thickness against the US dollar coin. This bookmark lamp is extremely easy to set up and can be used as a regular bookmark when not in use.

Low Blue LED Light: No Stress On Eyes

Book-lite™ is designed with the utmost precision for a comfortable reading experience. Featuring special low blue-light emitting LED units, this bookmark hardly emits any High Bio wavelength, allowing you to read at ease without tripping your melatonin shut-off switch.

Energy Efficient

Book-lite™ is designed to be powered by a single button cell which can last for a minimum of up to 15 reading sessions, making it one of a kind. This lamp is constructed as an open circuit, making sure it does not use energy when used as a bookmark.

Strong Yet Flexible 

Made from a reinforced plastic film and high-grade durable materials, Book-lite™ is built to last without incurring any breakage, allowing it to achieve the “night-stand” position and back to its “bookmark” position perfectly without any flex or stress markings.

Buy it Now: Book-lite™, The Bookmark Light 


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