The New Generation Magnetic Watches

No matter how far we advance in technology, the mechanical movements of a timeless wristwatch will always be a fascinating work of art. Our new generation magnetic watches are one of such breakthroughs in the world of innovative timepieces that have revolutionized the way we have been reading the time.

The ingenious watch design lets you tell Time by Touch!.  Designed with a single goal to create a timepiece that everyone—sighted or blind—can easily access, it is a watch without a sapphire crystal or watch hands in the traditional sense – allowing the wearer to touch the indices.

Initially proposed as a tactical watch for the blind or people with visual impairments,  this unique magnetic watch indicates the time with two small magnetized ball bearings, each rotating in its concentric track. On the face of the watch, one ball bearing reads the minute and on the bezel ( in the case of Bradley) or case ( in the case of Explorer), you’ll find another to read the hour. Moreover, The “12” “3”, “6”, and “9” feature longer markers, hence tell the time with relative ease.

What makes our watches truly one of its kind, is that they are universally inclusive and don’t stick to the standard watch conventions,  adding a new alternative to the rather limited range of watches designed for the visually impaired while dispelling the stigma around blindness. The ability to tell the time without being depended on someone or special-needs watches is surely bound to uplift the self-confidence.

And they are not just a novelty for those with vision. Being able to tell time without actually looking at your wristwatch could come in handy during a lot of scenarios. Whether you are stuck in a meeting for long hours, in college, school or having a boring conversation with a colleague or relative, you can discreetly tell the time under the table without coming off rude.

When above the table, they are quite a conversation starter.  A rather ingenious system, featuring an open dial, Quartz movement, refined craftsmanship with raised lips, slots and grooves, articulating lugs and the structural features beyond compare, the watch is available in two elegant yet minimal designs that are perfect for almost every occasion.

The Bradley is minimal yet chic and perfect for both men and women alike whereas Explorer boasts of rugged construction and sporty design, specially designed for men of taste. The fact that these watches were born out of a very real issue and solve it elegantly while happening to be gorgeous makes them exceptionally fascinating and stand out from the rest.

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